Friday, May 18, 2012

Turkey Vultures offer me some practice time!

Turkey Vultures gave me an opportunity today to practice using my camera set up on a tripod and taking photos of moving birds. Thinking they are such a large bird this should be easy.  NOT SO!  My hat is off to professional photographers.  A bird on the move is hard enough to keep up with while hand holding a camera but working a tripod, snapping the shutter and keeping the bird in the viewfinder all at the same time, well, that is just a time when you need a couple more hands and another set of eyes!  

Below are my better photos of these two persistent Turkey Vultures who showed up on three different times today.  Am I sure they were the same ones - not at all!  Do hope you enjoy my attempts.
 Take care and enjoy!


  1. Good job, Liz. You got some great pics.

  2. Thank you, Gladys. Practice is a good thing!


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