Friday, June 08, 2012

Maine Harbor Seals and more...

Three Harbor Seals peeking out at us!

We have been having some really dreary wet weather of late, yesterday showed some signs of clearing even though pretty overcast and I was anxious for some time out of the house.  Seeing how hubby had some medical test being done at Bangor EMMC, I decided to go along with a book and camera in hand.  We left early and made a stop at the Mt. Hope Cemetery where it was pretty quiet.  We saw a couple turtles along the banks and a total of 2 male and 2 female Mallards.  

I read from a book about David Ortiz the Boston Red Sox designated hitter while hubby had his test.  After we got a quick bite to eat and decided to take a ride to the Orland Village Dam.  Some face book friends had been getting Osprey and Harbor Seal photos there and I was hoping to see some action as well.  One Osprey was flying overhead when we arrived and shortly after as the Tide was coming in we caught sight of several Harbor Seals making their way into the area.  All you could see was their eyes above the waters surface peeking out at us!  I do not recall ever seeing Harbor Seals and this was a real treat for me.

Before we knew it there were four Ospreys flying about, diving and grabbing fish, a couple Cormorants and the Seals.  So much action I had to just watch as I couldn’t make up my mind which way to aim the camera.  I was so excited when I did snap pictures I was too hasty and a lot came out blurry, over exposed or under exposed but I did manage to get a few fairly nice shots

It was such a great time and I can’t wait to be able to go back again soon.  Do take some time for yourself and just relax, look around you and take in nature’s beauty.

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