Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Photos - Flicker, Doe, Snapper, Catbird and more...

I’ve gathered a few of my miscellaneous photos from the past week or so to share with you.  The first one (above) is from my woods camera of a tail less raccoon that we have been seeing off and on since Spring.
This Northern Flicker for some reason checks out this flower pot (empty except for dirt) every morning!
Daily I put some sunflower seeds on this rock.  Yesterday it did not take this group of American Goldfinches long to find the supper table!
This Snapping Turtle was very much aware of me watching it
A tadpole swimming by.
Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail on wildflowers.
I had scattered some crushed egg shells in the dirt here and the tree swallows jut went crazy over them!  I had no idea they ate egg shells and wonder if they don't devour their own shells after the babies hatch out?  Something I must try to look up.  I know in cleaning out their bird houses at the end of each year I had not found a sign of a shell.
A Gray Catbird with food for its babies.  At least I believe so, as I saw this catbird go into the shrub with its catch.  I would love to see the nest and babies but it is so well hid in the thick and thorny bush and it really is not a good thing to disturb them.  Hopefully I will get a glimpse of the babies when they are big enough to leave the security of their nest.
White-tail deer - doe
A wild turkey with one visible chick. I actually missed seeing the young chick when I first went through the pictures from this woods camera. 
I love my Maine backyard!  
Take some time to relax and see what is out and about your backyard!

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