Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wild Turkey Hen with Chicks...

I was shocked to look out this morning and see a hen with her chicks within 25 feet of our home. Mama jumped up on the rock wall (part of which you can see in the above picture) and gobbled down some sunflower seeds while the chicks waited on the grass huddled in a circle.  
Everyday I put some seeds out on a large rock and the birds, chipmunks squirrels and turkeys find without difficulty.  Below is a picture with a Tom turkey on that rock, not this particular hen but shows you what I am referring to.
Here are a couple more photos I was able to get of Mama and babies this morning through our kitchen windows before she disappeared in the tall grass of the field next door to us.
We had seen another Hen with just one chick off and on down in our lower field but the first time seeing this family.  Hopefully she'll bring the little ones back again and I can get more and better photos.

Did you know - Less than half of turkey nesting attempts are successful. Wild turkeys nest on the ground and are quite vulnerable to predators including human disturbance (burning, mowing).  It takes 6 weeks from the time the first egg is laid to hatching.  The first two weeks is crucial for the little chicks as they are unable to fly and will roost under the hen on the ground.  As soon as they are able to fly they will roost in the treetops along with Mama.

Thank you for stopping by, come back soon.  Smile and Enjoy!

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