About Me

Hello -
My retired husband and I live in a small town in Central Maine. I enjoy my family, walking in the woods, sitting outside by an open fireplace with a cup of tea; listening to the sounds of nature and watching for wildlife. When the cold Maine winter keeps me inside I like to be on my computer or crocheting. I especially enjoy crocheting warm winter hats for local charities.

Various types of wildlife wander through our small 10 acre lot and we treasure the opportunity to watch, photograph and videotape them.  We never know what type of critter or when it might appear.  It might be a small song bird, a squirrel, a fox, a white-tailed deer or even a porcupine; each one considered my backyard treasures and yes, we live in Maine.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I do hope you enjoy my post and photos as I love sharing them. Comments are welcomed.  Enjoy!

(Elizabeth Edwards)